Pigment in the skin is created by cells called melanocytes that produce melanin. Interestingly, we all have the same number of melanocytes, but it is the amount of melanin that determines the colour of our skin.

Pigmentation is discolouration of the skin and common forms of pigmentation include freckles, birthmarks, sun damage/sunspots and melasma (hormonal pigmentation). Inflammatory processes such as acne may also result in pigmentation – either as darker skin patches (Post-Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation) or as lighter skin patches (Post-Inflammatory Hypopigmentation).

Pigmentation can be the result of genetic, environmental or hormonal factors. Environmental factors that can affect pigmentation include sun exposure, smoking, certain medications and medical/skin conditions. Most types of pigmentation are generally benign; however, some lesions may be suspicious for skin cancers and we may recommend a skin cancer check prior to your treatment.

At COCO Skin Clinic, we commonly treat unwanted skin pigmentation and are considered the specialist in this field. Firstly, it is important to determine the cause of the pigmentation, as different types of pigmentation, often require different treatment approaches. Regardless, our general advise to minimise the appearance of unwanted pigmentation is to ensure you are using high quality home skincare containing vitamin B & C and diligent sun protection including daily broad spectrum SPF50+ sunscreen.

Below, we will outline some of the most common causes of pigmentation and our recommended treatment options. Please note that this only serves as a guide and a customised treatment plan will be recommended for you, following a consultation.


Melasma is a common skin disorder presenting as blotchy brown marks on both sides of the cheeks, forehead and/or above the lips. It is a complex, chronic condition and we don’t fully understand all the causes. However, we do know that like most conditions, genetics plays a significant role. Other factors which can exacerbate the condition include hormonal changes – such as pregnancy (hence it is commonly known as ‘pregnancy mask’), medications such as the contraceptive pill, sun exposure, heat exposure, thyroid problems and even the use of scented soaps and cosmetics. Melasma is more common in females and those with darker skin types, however, it has the potential to present in anyone. Melasma cannot be cured, although it is possible to manage and minimise the appearance of unwanted pigmentation with maintenance treatments, carefully selected at home skincare and excellent sun protection habits.

The professionals at COCO Skin Clinic are the experts in the management of melasma. We have a wide variety of treatment options to suit all individuals. We can offer simple skincare to more advanced treatments such as Doctor prescribed medications, Dermamelan De-Pigmenting System, Medical Grade Skin Needling (Dermapen) with Mesotherapy and Halo PRO Laser. Book in for a consultation and receive a customised treatment plan to suit your individual needs.

Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation

Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation (PIH) is a form of pigmentation that occurs after trauma to the skin. Common conditions which may cause skin trauma and subsequent PIH include acne, overly aggressive treatments or any injury. PIH is also more likely to occur in darker skin types. If you are prone to PIH, you may be required to use a prescribed home skincare routine for up to four weeks prior to beginning in-clinic treatments.

Sun Damage/Sunspots

Excessive sun exposure can result in premature aging, changes in skin texture, visible or dilated blood vessels and darker skin spots. Benign sunspots (also known as solar lentigines) are patches of skin pigmentation often found on sun-exposed areas – such as face and backs of hands. Interestingly, in Australia, most people will note that their right side of their face, right arm and hand has more sunspots – this is due to incidental sun exposure acquired whilst driving. So now that the proof is right in front of our eyes, we need to be aware of sun protection on a daily basis – not just when we are at the beach. In terms of aging, it’s daily incidental sun exposure which causes the most damage – think, sun exposure acquired whilst driving, walking to the car, sitting next to a window, etc. It might not seem like a lot of sun exposure but it’s cumulative damage and hence, we strongly recommend daily application of broad-spectrum SPF 50+ sun screen as an essential part of your skincare routine.

Obviously, prevention is always better than cure – so being sun smart is always preferable. However, if you have unsightly benign sunspots, there are several effective treatment options including Broad Band Light (BBL™) Skin Rejuvenation and Halo PRO Laser. Book in for a consultation with one our skin professionals and we can recommend an individualised treatment regime.

Recommended Treatments

COCO Trio Treatment Perth
Payment Plans Available 6-12 Months Interest Free

BBL™ Skin Rejuvenation

World’s most advanced skin rejuvenation system. Less treatments than traditional light-based IPL skin rejuvenation are required.

Suitable for: All skin type, (including the unique ability to safely treat dark skin)
Discomfort level: Minimal
Downtime: 1-3 days
Time: 30-60mins
Cost: Half face $500, Full face $580, Full face & neck $680, Full face, neck & dec $800, Dec $580, Hands $350, Half arms $600, Full arms $900, Half back $700, Full back $1000. Smaller areas or spot treatment – available from $100.

Suggested Enhancers:
Microdermabrasion before BBL™ for a more effective : $85 (Save $65) *Stirling location only
Healite II LED Light after BBL™ to enhance skin rejuvenation/healing: $50 (Save $40) BOTH Microdermabrasion & Healite II LED for the ultimate treatment: $130 (Save $110)

  • Buy 2 and the 3rd treatment is 50% off.
  • Buy 5 and receive a complimentary 6th treatment PLUS 3 x Healite II LED.
BBL Halo Treatment
Payment Plans Available 6-12 Months Interest Free

Combo BBL & Halo

BBL (Broadband Light) and Halo are both advanced skin treatments used to address various skin concerns and improve overall skin appearance.

Suitable for: All Skin Types. Those who are seeking the ultimate in skin makeover.
Discomfort level: Minimal-Moderate (medical-grade topical numbing cream is used).
Downtime: 4-7 days depending on the intensity of treatment
Time: 90mins
Cost: Halo PRO & BBL™ Full Face $2499 by Dermal Therapist. Halo PRO & BBL™ Full Face $2799 by Dr. Jane.
Other areas available: POA.


Dermamelan Treatment
Payment Plans Available 6-12 Months Interest Free

Dermamelan De-Pigmenting Peel

Dermamelan is the world’s number 1 depigmentation treatment. A gold standard method designed to target unwanted pigment safely on all skin types.

Suitable for: Pigmentation including melasma/cholasma/hormonal/pregnancy induced and sun damaged skin. Safe on all skin colours.
Discomfort level: Minimal.
Downtime: 3-7 days (redness and peeling expected)
Time: 30 mins
Cost: Full face: $1999 (with products & added service valued at $1319)

Includes follow up appointments at 1st week and 1st month, 2 x Healite II LED treatments valued at $180, plus full suite of Mesoesthetic products for maintenance:
- Take home Dermamelan treatment cream valued at $459
- Take home pack of 6 full-size products valued at $680

Skin Needling Treatment
Payment Plans Available 6-12 Months Interest Free

Medical Grade Skin Needling (Dermapen)

Highly regarded and world leading skin rejuvenation treatment which uses the body’s own natural healing ability to firm, plump, brighten skin.

Suitable for: Most skin types, pigmentation, skin aging, acne/acne scarring, surgical scarring, dry/dull or sun damaged skin and fine lines
Discomfort level: Nil-Minimal (we use medical grade numbing pre-treatment)
Downtime: 24-48 hours
Time: 60 mins
Cost: Full face: $350 per treatment
Full face, neck & dec: $450 per treatment
Packages and Add On Enhancers available:

Full face:
4 treatments @ $1225 (Save $175)
6 treatments @ $1750 (Save $350)

Full face, neck & dec:
4 treatments @ $1575 (Save $225)
6 treatments @ $2250 (Save $450)

ADD ON bespoke serum mesotherapy: $50-$70
ADD ON bespoke mask: $60
ADD ON Healite II LED Light Therapy: $60
OR ALL 3 enhancers for maximal results $100-$120

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